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Growth Factor Concentrate: GFC Hair Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss has become one of the common problems today, which requires instant action to stop it. But fortunately, it can be reserved and regained quickly with the person’s platelets, without any specific surgery, i.e., with Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Therapy Treatment.

What is Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy Treatment?

Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy or GFC treatment is a highly safe, dedicated, concentrated growth factor preparation from the candidate’s blood cells to offer superior natural results.

Blood Platelets are enriched with various growth factors. Wockhardt Scientists extract them from the blood at a high concentration as a Growth Factor Concentrate is a specially designed Workhardt GFC kit. The collected GFC is then administered at the site to be treated with precise tools and specialists. The overall process involves no platelet loss and is non- pyrogenous, secure, and regenerates damaged tissues naturally.

This advanced and latest hair loss treatment helps a person get the best results in only 3-4 sittings. Therefore, it is considered the best procedure to undergo to restore lost hair.

What are different Growth Factors associated with GFC Therapy treatment?

Various growth factors stored in blood platelets play crucial roles in tissue regeneration, stem cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation, making them essential in combating hair loss. Each growth factor in GFC therapy serves a distinct purpose:

  • Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF): PDGF promotes hair growth by stimulating vascularization and angiogenesis. It also plays a role in mesenchymal stem cell and endothelial cell mitogenesis, as well as fibroblast proliferation and chemotaxis.

  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF): VEGF is expressed in DP (dermal papilla) cells during the anagen phase of hair growth and regulates perifollicular angiogenesis. It helps increase the size of perifollicular vessels, facilitating a smoother hair growth process.

  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF): EGF stimulates hair cell proliferation and regeneration while promoting the mitogenesis of mesenchymal and epithelial cells. It also contributes to angiogenesis.

  • Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1): IGF-1 plays a role in maintaining hair follicle growth, overall hair growth, and acts as a stimulator for angiogenesis.

These growth factors are extracted from platelets at high concentrations and stored in a GFC therapy kit, ensuring precise mechanisms for effective treatment.

How is GFC prepared?

Step 1: Collecting Blood Collect 15ml to 16ml of the patient’s peripheral blood and evenly distribute it into four GFC tubes.

Step 2: Activating Platelets and Releasing Growth Factors (GFs) Gently mix the blood by inverting each tube 6-10 times, then let them stand for approximately 30 minutes. The Wockhardt proprietary platelet-activating solution in the tube helps activate platelets and release PDGF, VEGF, EGF, and IGF-1.

Step 3: Separating GFC Centrifuge all four tubes at 3400 rpm for 10 minutes to separate pure GFC from RBCs, WBCs, and other blood cells.

Step 4: Collecting GFC Use a collecting syringe to gather the Autologous growth factor concentrate and GFC. Insert the needle just below the tube’s cap to ensure maximum recovery of GFC.

Step 5: Applying GFC The collected GFC is now ready for application. The color of the GFC output may range from yellow-yellowish brown-orange to reddish.

What are the directions for use?


  • Each Follirich GFC therapy kit is used for one patient in a single sitting.
  • It is recommended to have three sittings for three months to get the best results.
  • Results are associated with reduced hair fall and an increase in hair count and hair thickness.
  • If needed, one sitting can be repeated before 4-6 months of the procedure, and the entire therapy can be repeated every year.

What are the advantages of Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy?

GFC Therapy is the next-generation hair loss treatment that delivers one’s growth factors at higher concentrations.

  • Highly effective and promotes natural and enhanced regeneration.
  • Statistically significant increase in hair count and thickness guaranteed.
  • 100% safe and prepared from the candidate’s blood.
  • Zero RBCs and WBCs involved, which decreases pain and inflammation risk.
  • Convenience and quality are guaranteed from the procedure.
  • Less number of sessions are required to get optimum results.

How is Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy or GFC helpful?

  • It considerably reduces hair fall and rejuvenates hair follicles.
  • It improves hair thickness and volume.
  • It strengthens the hair grafts and promotes hair growth.

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How is GFC therapy different from PRP?

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    PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment was initially used in the 1970s as a medium for thrombocytopenia. It gained popularity in Cosmetology during the 2000s. PRP is a biological product derived from autologous blood plasma, containing a concentrated level of platelets. However, it has variable outcomes. The single spin or double spin techniques were used, which made the removal of RBCs and WBCs challenging. Moreover, post-procedural pain and inflammation were associated with the healing effect.

    When used for hair loss treatment, PRP faced several challenges. It primarily provided platelets instead of growth factors, lacked standardized protocols, had unclear quality and quantity determination, and yielded conflicting results. The procedure itself was complex.

    On the other hand, GFC treatments are derived from the patient’s blood and focus on high concentrations of growth factors obtained through platelet activation. This ensures no platelet loss and a simpler procedure overall. Unlike PRP, GFC can be stored for up to 8 hours at room temperature and up to seven days at 4 degrees Celsius. As a result, GFC therapy offers optimal outcomes with minimal pain, inflammation, and infection risks, while also requiring less time to complete.

    Who are the ideal candidates for Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy?

    Both males and females experiencing early or late signs of Alopecia can benefit from GFC therapy. However, it is crucial to have your scalp diagnosed by specialized doctors to determine the most suitable treatment for your hair loss.

    How much does GFC Therapy treatment cost?

    Despite being an innovative and superior hair loss treatment compared to PRP, GFC therapy remains highly affordable. It offers visible results within the initial therapy sessions, depending on the treated area.

    What are the post-treatment instructions to follow?

    • Avoid combing or touching your hair or scalp for a day.
    • Prevent sweating caused by exhausting physical work and heavy workouts for approximately four days after the procedure.
    • Refrain from shampooing your hair for 1-2 days, and afterwards, only use products recommended by your doctor.
    • Regularly apply topical medication or take prescribed drugs as advised by your doctor.
    Note: Please note that these restrictions may vary for each patient. Follirich GFC Therapy treatment for hair loss offers significantly higher CD62P levels, minimal variation dependent on the operator, no contamination in a closed system, in vitro platelet activation, and absence of RBCs and WBCs. The GFC is derived from the patient’s blood using precise techniques. It provides excellent results for both male and female patients. The experiential kits have been used by 200 dermatologists and have demonstrated a statistically significant increase in hair count and thickness. Visit us and inquire about the Follirich Autologous GFC Therapy Kit, which is ready to inject.
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