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    Like all other DHI clinic, hair transplant in Bangladesh is also done using DHI technique.
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    Best Hair Transplant Clinics In Bangladesh
    DHI Medical Group is a global leader in Hair Restoration from Europe, since 1970. The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Technique for hair transplant is a revolutionary technology that makes the hair transplant procedure painless, safe, and scar-free.
    DHI technique is available in 75 authorised clinics worldwide, across 45 countries. In Bangladesh, DHI has 16 authorised clinics, offering hair transplant, beard construction, eyebrow correction, micro pigmentation, and other hair restoration treatments.
    A hair transplant is considered successful only if the results look natural. For a natural result, 3 aspects of hair transplant are very important – Design, Direction, and Density. The perfect hairline design which suits a face shape is most important and dependent on various aspects. DHI surgeons use designing techniques thought to originate from Michelangelo, by dividing the face into three equal parts, measuring the distance from the tip of the nose to the glabella (part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows), and then the same distance from the glabella to the frontal tuff, from where the hairline should begin. A natural M shape hairline is recreated from that point for men, and a rounder shape for women. The extracted hair must be implanted at a certain depth to ensure proper growth, with no damage to skin tissues and no shock loss to other follicles. Density is the key issue in hair transplant results. Using fine hairs at the front, and moving to multiples as we move back into the hair, with high density being critical, the aim is to have nothing less than 60 hairs per sq cm at the front, and up to 80-90 hairs per sq cm at the back, as we use multiples. This feat can only be achieved by true master surgeons, while most other surgeons can only provide 30-40 hairs per sq cm. Through years of experience, DHI has mastered the creation of undetectable, natural hairlines.
    With DHI’s direct technique and patented instruments, the surgeons have full control over the angle, direction, depth, and density of the hair that is implanted. As an outcome, the result is guaranteed and completely natural. All DHI procedures are performed end to end by highly qualified and specialized doctors with single-use, completely sterile instruments. Unlike other clinics where most of the procedure is conducted by non-medico assistants, at DHI, only surgeons are allowed to touch the patients. All the surgeons are extensively trained at the London Hair Restoration Academy and are regularly assessed and certified. They have ultra-super-specialization in the science and art of hair transplants.
    At DHI, the safety of patients and the quality of treatments are of utmost importance. DHI follows strict safety protocols which are accredited by UK CQC and ISO. These stringent standards are followed at every DHI clinic for every single treatment. In Bangladesh, DHI clinics have performed several thousand procedures and their patients include who’s who of the film industry, sportsmen, political figures, and business tycoons. DHI maintains the full client confidentiality of each patient.
    Many clinics provide hair transplants at cheap rates but severely compromise treatment standards and safety of the patients, using untrained staff, using substandard tools, which can lead to poor results, extensive scarring, unnatural placement, and growth of hairs or in some cases, medical complications.
    In recent years, DHI has broadened its range of services, particularly in the areas of hair loss prevention and hair loss diagnosis. We are regularly setting new global benchmarks such as ultra-large hair transplant sessions, complex afro hair transplant cases, and reconstruction of hair in burn victims.
    Patients suffering from any kind of hair loss problems can visit the nearest DHI Clinic to get a complete diagnosis and an accurate treatment recommendation.
    At DHI, we not only restore hair but also transform lives.

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